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12 Shopify Apps For Selling Online Courses And Other Digital Products

Shopify is easily identified as one of the most trusted and widely used ecommerce platforms today. It is easy to use, customizable, and can work well even for newbies. Like its biggest rival, Shopify also boasts of apps sell online, as well as other extensions that aim to improve usage and shopping experience.

Shopify is not only a platform for usual online businesses selling clothes, shoes, etc. It is also home to online courses and other digital products. These products require a different marketing plan, which could be made easier by using the following  read  more Shopify apps. 

  1. Digital Downloads.

  • This is usually used for digital items less than 5GB. This provides your customers an easier access to what they purchased—including eBooks and PDFs, as well as course materials.
  • It can also notify your clients if the digital good gets updated. There is also a dashboard where you can monitor your download statistics.
  1. MailChimp

  • This app is now one of the best ways to get in touch with your customers. You build your mailing list, and send them regular updates to keep connected with them.
  • The best thing about it is that you can seamlessly integrate it with Shopify. Your Shopify customers are then added automatically to your MailChimp email list.
  1. Yotpo

    • It is a review app allowing your clients to publish their personal reviews on your products. The product reviews will then provide social proof to your future customers.
    • Yotpo has also proven its worth for SEO. You not only get to market your products through great reviews, but also generate more traffic that could convert to sales in the long run.

  1. SchoolKeep

  • If your online business focuses on online courses, this should be your default Shopify app. This app enables you to incorporate custom branding and a more professional take on online courses.
  • You can also use it to sell your online courses in your social media account, including Facebook.
  1. FetchApp

  • This app is designed to manage your downloads and monitor everyone with access to your paid content.
  • It also enables you to limit the times your product can be downloaded. It also allows you to compress multiple files together, or even split bigger files to smaller ones so you can sell them separately.
  1. PreOrder Me

  • This is the perfect app when you are offering new courses. You get to premarket your eBooks and courses that are not yet ready to be launched, so you can build up excitement for your market.
  • It is also customizable for your current shopping cart style.

  1. Olark

  • This live chat app has an easy chat interface where you can be sure you can take important messages even outside business hours.
  • It gives you a snapshot of the customer so you know what’s in their shopping cart and what they are looking for.
  • You can also customize how its looks so it complements your storefront.
  1. Taxamo

  • When your country has a VAT collection requirement, this is the easiest, simplest way you can do it. It automatically detects customer location and then applies tax rate.
  • It is compliant with digital tax generations, as well as in tax reporting, calculation, and invoicing.
  1. Directed Edge Product Recommender

  • When you’re selling eBooks with online courses, this app is for you. You get to automatically show related products based on the ones you handpick yourself.
  • You can also configure the app to customize how they will appear in your store.
  1. European Cookie Policy Banner

  • Designed for European online businesses, this one allows you to customize your online store banner to comply to EU’s directive of giving shoppers the right to refuse cookies.
  1. Plug in SEO

  • This app makes SEO easier and more manageable. It enables you to optimize your online courses’pages, and also analyses your site to boost your SEO scores.
  • It can tell you what’s missing in your SEO efforts and also lets you know what else you have to add.
  1. Vendor Payout

  • If your online business runs on multiple leaders, this app is a must-have. This aims to ensure that all your vendors get paid on time.

Selling online courses tend to be a little different as compared to selling usual, tangible products. These apps were developed to boost your sales, improve customer shopping experience, and also improve your SEO scores.

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