11 Platforms for Social Media Contests

eCommerce is a buzz word right now as the number of customers opted to buy online than to go to a physical store. Online business owners has a wide range of different eCommerce platforms to choose from and each app they chose to sell online have different functionalities to integrate every facet of the business to the virtual storefront. Marketing is also automated in some eCommerce platforms, as well as, tracking orders and shipping, managing inventory and a lot more. All of these things are already integrated in a solution so that the online business owners can effectively and efficiently sell online. View Magento theme

Though, apps used to sell online are already packed with functionalities, there are also other ways of marketing a product taking advantage of the advances in social media. Brands who would like to profitably sell online. One of these ways is hosting a contest.

There are a lot of social media platforms which can be used to market the products by hosting a contest. A business owner who wants to try can choose from a variety of platforms available today. Some are free while some have fees. Each one has a good set of features to host your contest. Take a look at some of them.

  1. Hootsuite can be used across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and Pinterest. Contests you can run ranges from photo or video contest to quiz, poll, sweepstakes, and a lot more. Premium plans cost $9.99 a month.
  2. Rafflecopter is your go-to solution if you are hosting a giveaway. Winners are chosen through an electronic raffle draw.
  3. If you want to make your contest a bit more exciting, you can do so through sweepstakes draw, photo contest, quizzes, pin to win, and a lot more. Woobox is your platform of choice if you prefer to have these kinds of contests.
  4. If you lurk more in Facebook than in any other platforms, you can use Pagemodo to host contests. Through Pagemodo,, you can have photo and video contests, games, quiz and others.
  5. ShortStack, on the other hand, will let you run a contest in Facebook while enabling you to access real time data that you need to effectively sell online.
  6. Make your contest more interesting for your audience through instant win and personality test that you can do through AgoraPulse.
  7. Wishpond is the platform of choice for marketers who want to attract leads through contest. This platform can automate email campaigns and run Facebook sweepstakes and more.
  8. You may know Constant Contact as an email service but it is also a social media platform you can utilize to host sweepstakes, give out coupons, or even offer downloadable contents.
  9. If you want a contest that you can run across different social media platforms, you need Binkd. It lets you have trivia contest or sweepstakes draw whether in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Vine.
  10. App Development Trends Favor Custom Ecommerce Platforms
  11. Strutta is for those who wants to customize his own design or post for a sweepstakes draw across multiple social channels.
  12. Last but definitely not the least, Votigo is also a social media platform that offers full solution that you can custom build on your own.
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