12 Services You Can Sell Online

Over the past few years, numerous websites have sprung up to offer consumers different services that may be necessary in their line of work. Freelance work has become a source of income for a majority of the population worldwide. There are various services that can be offered online. These include: Learn more about How to Sell Online


Transcription is one of the most common services offered online. It involves converting audio files into typed material. There are various websites such as TranscribeMe, Scribie and Get Transcribed that may assist you in this sector if you are new to the industry.

Graphic Design

If you want to succeed as a graphic designer you need to have great creative skills. The services to provide may range from illustrations, posters, info graphics, logo design, banner advertisements and flyers. You can post your services on different websites, and be sure to offer quality work so as to be able to build a strong customer base.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant helps with emails, phone calls and schedule meetings. If you want to become a virtual assistant you can offer the services online.

Online Writing

Online writing is one of the most popular services offered today. There are different kinds of online writing that offered, including article writing and academic writing. Article writing involves writing creative content that’s majorly used in websites and for SEO purpose. Academic writing on the other hand involves writing content that’s for academic use such as research papers. It requires more research and one has to understand the language to use.

Website Design

The demand for websites has been on the rise in the recent years, calling for people with expertise in the development and management of a website. If you are good at web design and development it would be a good idea to offer these highly demanded services online.

Online Marketing

Many companies need marketing services to help them drive traffic to their websites. You can offer to post on social media and make videos to assist in the marketing of a company’s goods and services.

Video and Animation

Since Videos and animations are eye-catching, they are used by major companies worldwide to communicate with customers. You can offer to produce videos, offer production of 3D material and creation of video greetings as well as online commercials for companies to use to communicate with clients.

Mobile App Creation

Mobile applications are the in-thing right now as more people have increased their use of handheld devices. Therefore, if you are good at developing mobile applications you can offer these services online since they are in high demand.

Data entry

If you have exceptional typing skills, you have what it takes to work in data entry online. This is because you are more likely to complete most of the orders in the required time and more accurately.

Online Consultation

Another service that would be profitable is offering consultation services online for topics that you are an expert at. Various industries are in high demand for consultation services. These include sectors such as the health industry, market research industry, business and finance industry.


In case different learners have a problem with their assignment or homework one of the first places they will seek clarification is the internet. If you are conversant and are an expert at a subject you can provide a tutoring service online to help others with their assignment. 11 Platforms for Social Media Contests


In conclusion, there are many services you can offer online but you need to be patient and master the sector before you can get a good income out of it.

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